Know about ‘El  Andral’

It’s the name and the brand of the products produced by SAT THE ANDRAL. This term is the name of the area or district where are the Company property and the family home, and specifically in Selaya.
Alicia lives and works here. Founder of the family business project – entrepreneur, along with his sons Manuel Jose Angel, Jesus and Alexander. It is she, with over 25 years experience in the development of handicrafts of the region Pasiega, which preserves recipes and traditional ways, that give rise to the development of its three products: ‘sobaos’, ‘quesadas’ and ‘bizcochos’.
These traditional recipes from Alicia, now are adapted to the new technological requirements (equipment, processes, tec.) For their development through all quality controls. Such controls have been tested and approved according to current regulations.
Because ‘El Andral’ has milk production farm, our primary raw materials, as is the milk, and butter as well, are in our manufacturing processes of the highest quality, with the remaining processing products.
To output our production, we have instalations with a packaging and baked line on the highest required level, as well as other processes necessary to finalize the products we sell.
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